Cell Tester

A cell tester is a hand-held electrical appliance used for checking the condition of an electric battery. Batteries constitute as few as a single cell in number to many cells connected collectively.

A cell refers to a Single Anode and a cathode separated only by electrolytes used to generate a chemical voltage and current. All electric batteries have circuits made from certain specific materials like carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorous, etc.

A cell tester is used to inspect cells for defects, deterioration, connection problems, loose connections, shorts in conductivity, etc. Most of the time, when your battery is charged, a small quantity of leakage takes place in the battery, which is detected by a cell tester.

Most of these cell testers have an automatic shut-off facility that lets the user program it to shut down when the charge is complete. The best thing about most of these cell tester is that it has a user-friendly interface and can be programmed to test a wide range of cell sizes and types.

A cell Testers are considered very beneficial in several applications because they can be programmed to test a wide range of electrical appliances that include lighting equipment, radio transmitters, computers, laptops, and even marine and vehicle life support systems.

Suppose you are looking to buy a quality cell tester. In that case, you should consider purchasing a tested and recommended brand that offers a lifetime warranty on its working capacity and comes with a good user guide that can be downloaded from its website.

In addition to this, these tested and recommended brands sell various testing equipment like solar panel testers, battery cell tester, and a voltage and temperature monitor.

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