Difference between IGBT and SCR

SCR Silicon Control Rectifier

 IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors

SCR Stands for Silicon Control Rectifier. IGBT Stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors.
SCR is a three-pin device, anode, cathode, and gate. Used to trigger the Gate terminal. It has only one insulating layer. The SCR Gate only needs a pulse to go into the c mode. When analyzed, SCR is considered a pair of closely related transistors. IGBT Insulated gate bipolar transistors is a three-pin device base, emitter, gate, and collector used to activate the gate terminal. It has isolated silicon layers. IGBT needs an uninterrupted power supply to the gate. It is a type of transistor.
SCR is a family of DIAC and TRIAC thyristors. GBT is a combination of BJT (bipolar transistor) and FET.
A “silicon-control rectifier” has only one Gate, which, when turned on, will remain in place until it falls below the current threshold. It has some new GCT devices, gate-controlled thyristors that can be turned on and off. An IGBT is basically a power transistor with a built-in Mosfet driver, so it can be controlled at high speed with voltage. It can be also turned on and off.
When the pulse is applied to the gate, there are three modes of operation: SRR works as a viable mode, forward wiring mode, reverse blocking mode, and direct blocking. As soon as the gate starts working, it enters the forward stage and maintains the delivery until the forward holding is less than the existing threshold. The IGBT requires only a small voltage to maintain conduction in the device, unlike the BJT. The IGBT is a unidirectional device, meaning it can only turn on in the forward direction. This means that current flows from the collector to the emitter, unlike MOSFETs, which are bidirectional.
SCRs are full power devices and are mostly used at high current and voltage. In IGBT, each uses power and SCR semi-drive and full electronics, all using phase shift, power control, and dimming.

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