Flow Transmitter

A mass flow transmitter also called an inertial flow transmitter, measures a constant mass flow of moving fluid through a movable channel. The constant flow rate is the amount of the fluid moving past a pre-determined fixed point in a unit of time.

Flow Transmitter

This type of transmitter is commonly used to measure the flow rates of several fluids, including Freon, refrigerants, water, and other fluids. This device is beneficial in many different industries and some applications where high precision is required, such as the production of refrigerants or the manufacture of other high-pressure gases.

Different flow transmitters are available for use in different situations. For instance, there are some flow meters available in the market that can be attached directly to the power supply source and thus are referred to as ‘point of use’ flow transmitters.

Such type of flow transmitter may operate simply without any external accessory and may therefore be easily installed at a single location. However, point-of-use flow meters are not suitable for measurements over large distances since they are not robust enough and must therefore be connected to a power supply of some sort which may be susceptible to wear and tear.

On the other hand, Belt-driven flow meters are ideal for measuring pressure levels over relatively large areas. Belt-driven flow transmitter devices are often made from plastic or rubber and function by using two or more metal belts on which the measuring equipment is secured.

Pressure is measured with the help of a single probe, which is placed at the appropriate point on the belt. These types of measurement devices are capable of providing accurate readings and provide for incredible flexibility.

Working Principle Flow Transmitter

A flow Transmitter is a device used to measure the linear, non-linear, mass, or volumetric flow of a liquid or gas.
However, some flowmeters measure flow as the amount of liquid passing through the flow meter over some time (for example, 200 liters per minute). And other flow meters measure the total amount of liquid that has passed through the flow meter (e.g., 200 liters).

The flow transmitters provide electrical outputs proportional to the input flow. There are three main types of meters used in flow sensors: mass, volumetric, and velocity. Flowmeters consist of a primary device, a transducer, and another is the transmitter. The transducer detects liquid passing through the main unit. From the raw signal from the transmitter, the transmitter generates a useful flow signal.

These components are often combined so that the actual flow meter can be one or more physical devices. Mass flow transmitters are typical flow meters used in the manufacturing industry. They measure the mass flow rate of any liquid that passes through a tube at a specific time.

In short, it does not measure the volume per unit of time (like cubic meters per second) passing through a tube, whereas it measures specific gravity (like kilograms per second) passing through a tube.

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