Soft Starter

A soft starter is a device that controls the Acceleration and Deceleration of an electrical motor with the help of controlling the applied voltage to the electricity. In general, an induction motor can self-start due to the coupling between the rotor turning torque and the magnetic field flux, thereby causing a high starting torque as energy is added.

Soft Starter

However, to generate high torque, the motor needs to be supplied with enough energy from the batteries. A battery starter provides the motor with the required energy without requiring an energy input from the batteries.

However, when you run a car with a hard-starting mechanism, the induced current will vary across the motor. This variation may result in damage to your vehicle. In such a case, the soft starter will help you in regulating the rotor current so that it provides uniformity across the motor.

Working Principle  of the Soft Starter

It is normally seen that the soft-start works after the engine is started. Once the motor is started, the rotor current flows through a series of conductors and stops at the open terminals. This results in the reduction of the magnetic field strength induced across the conductors. As a result of this reduced magnetic field strength, the load-inducing input voltage is lower than the supply voltage.

The soft starter has high torque control capability. The mechanism is provided with two separate holding plates for the purpose of supplying a constant load. One plate is placed near the front of the motor where it forms a gap; the other one is placed on the rear side of the motor where it connects to the second plate. These plates help impart a constant torque to the motor and thus provide you better speed control.

The soft starter provides you with a smooth, safe, and reliable start-up operation due to the high torque. The mechanism helps you in regulated and uniform voltage operation. The distribution of the voltage across the series of diodes is also done very neatly. The distribution of the voltage across the series of diodes is done very neatly.

The soft starter helps you in controlling the amount of voltage induced. The induction motor is an electrical device. It is provided with a continuous source of alternating current to start it working; in such a case, the voltage induced will be controlled properly by the soft starter. Since the induction motor is an electrical device, the soft starter provides you with high torque.


Soft starters are very useful in numerous applications. Their main function is to act as a safety switch for electrical appliances. A normal household appliance like a refrigerator, clothes dryer, or another similar electronic device can be turned on only when the soft starter is fitted in such an appliance.

This ensures safety that the appliance is not damaged because of overloading or short-circuiting of the voltage supplied to it. The normal operating procedure is followed that when the appliance is switched on; the rotor current is induced into the magnetron.

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