Synchronous Motor

The Synchronous electric motor is an alternating current electric motor in which, in steady-state, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the supply current frequency. The duration of rotation is equal to the total number of AC cycles. A motor that travels at a synchronous speed is known as a synchronous motor. It is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Synchronous Motor

Synchronous motors are named because they run at only one speed, the speed of the rotating field. It is a motor in which the speed of the rotor and the speed of the stator magnetic field are equal. Synchronous speed is a constant speed at which the motor produces an electromotive force.

While the synchronous motor is one in which the speed of the rotor is equal to the synchronous speed. The synchronous speed is the speed of rotation of the magnetic field created on the stator of the motor. The motor’s stator is electromagnetic, which forms a field when an electric current is applied to the stator, the speed of rotation called the speed of synchronization.

Synchronous motors consist of a multi-phase AC electromagnet on the stator. Which forms a magnetic field that rotates the line with current fluctuations over time. A rotor with permanent magnets or electromagnets rotates at the same speed as the stator field and, consequently, provides a rotating magnetic field to any AC motor in harmony with each other.

The Synchronous motor is called dual power if a rotor and a stator are equipped with independently induced polyphase AC electromagnets. The synchronous motor does not start automatically. It is a double-excited motor in which the stator is excited with a three-phase alternating current and the rotor is energized by a direct current source.

Applications of Synchronous Motor

Synchronous motors are used where constant speeds are required. These low-power motors include positioning machines. It is used in ball mills, turntables, and synchronous motors. In addition, these motors are also used as servo motors and synchronizers.

Synchronous motors are available in a range of small to powerful industrial sizes. Although these motors are used in powerful industrial sizes, they perform two essential functions. One is an efficient means of converting AC power into mechanical energy, and the other is power factor optimization.

Although it is used in systems that run at low speeds and high loads. These cranes, grinders, and where more motor load is used where these motors are used. It is also used in voltage regulation applications. Compressors are mainly composed of synchronous motors. The main application for installations in various power systems is power factor maintenance.

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