Transducer is an electrical device that converts energy from one form to another. In general, transducers work with different energy types such as mechanical energy, electrical energy, light energy, chemical energy, thermal energy, acoustic energy, and electromagnetic energy. It converts any measured value into a useful electrical signal.


Efficiency is an important factor for any transducer. Transducer efficiency is defined as the output power ratio in the desired form to the total power consumption. The efficiency of the transducer, not 100%. Some power is always lost during the conversion process. This loss usually manifests as heat.

The transducer is generally classified as input or output devices, depending on how they transmit energy or information. Input converters convert some properties or effects into an electrical signal, while output converters start with electricity and generate a mechanical or another effect.

One example is a speaker that converts an amplifier’s electrical energy into sound waves or mechanical energy. Energy forms consist of (but are not limited to) mechanical, electrical, chemical, electromagnetic, thermal, and acoustic energy.

It usually indicates the use of a sensor/detector, any device that converts energy can be considered a converter. The transducer is commonly used in measuring devices.

Transducer Definition

A Transducer is a device that converts a signal from one form of energy to another. OR The transducer converts energy from one form to another. Usually from non-electrical to electrical or vice versa.

The transformation process is known as transduction. The converter converts any measured value into a useful electrical signal. It converts physical forces into an electrical signal that can be easily processed and measured.

The transducers must have a wide operating range so that it does not break during operation. The transducers are often used in automation, measurement, and control systems where electrical signals are converted into other physical quantities, energy, force, torque, light, movement, position, etc.

What is Sensor?

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